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we serve bullets since ninetysix - why girls like our rockets - 20 years of frags - athenaeum

Over 15 years of competition, fair play, and love story around the world. Our ability and friendly has brought us fame and success in every place we visited. Yeah, girls like our rockets, why?....you can simply ask those who had dealings with us.

But we was nothing without all the awesome peoples we have found on the way....this is for you, for all the mates that we have play with; Terror, Paladin, PrevX. BloodFog, Viper, Duke, Piccolo, Yuma, Khorne, EarthBreaker (Gib.It CEO), Ginofelino (Gamersrevolt.com CEO) and all the friends that we have meet in this long journey; idSoftware (for the cool games), RED POiNT Shop as person of Gianluca "Reddy" Mazzarella, Luca "Gollum" Giagnoni, Marcella Bardelli for trust in us, Masternet as person of Marco "Usul" Giovannelli (for the lost sleep to work on our server SPALMATOIO), Flashnet (for servers and service), the awesome guys of GiB (for resources and servers), Gamersrevolt as person of Gilberto "Ginofelino" Barbicinti (for resources, servers, and friendship), DeathWalkeR, Plazmon, Adso da Melk and all NGI crew (for resources and servers), Paolo "EarthBreaker" Petrini and his Firestarter clan (for his pro-games vision and friendship), Paolo "CiC" Spadari founder of Tulls (for his team menagement vision and friendship), x-maN, Boom, Pindancer of Tulls for friendship and all the days inside the frag-office, Loz, Deathblow and all the MAD Squad clan, Adriano 'Escher' Lorenzini for his famous maps like ultraviolence and friendship, all the QIC, Dominator, Intruders members, DOG clan, Padania Brothers clan, nVidia and ATI for the graphic cards, Lightwave for the CTF mod, the Rocket Arena mod team, CPMA for a pro-mode modification, ZTN for his cool maps, TOL.IT for hosting our website, Planetquake, Bluesnews, ClanRing, and all the Quake/DOOM online resources, all the players that we meet on the infinite servers we have play on, a special thanks to Cristiano "Tsi" Tronci Qmax CEO for make our dreams come true, all the old school players and finally...all the girls we have love under the mud of Ebon Fortress.