fucking skilled since 1996

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we serve bullets since ninetysix - why girls like our rockets - 20 years of frags - athenaeum

A little things about us;

Q: What is the official color of Qmax Clan?
#ffcc00 is our main color.

Q: What is the official logo of Qmax Clan?
"][" is our logo since we was born.

Q: Why First Personal Shooters?
Because is the only way to show a real player skill.

Q: Why Qmax?
I have do the same question to our CEO, i never got an answer.

Q: How you start a famous clan?
Fate or coincidence, we played on the same server for months before we met in person and speak about make a team.

Q: Why Qmax clan is a fucking place of skilled guys?
Because we have played against the best players in the world with friendship, respect and great desire to compete.

Q: Can i buy Qmax.org and Qmax.it domains?
Not for sale guys.

Q: Can i join Qmax?

You have further questions? send us an email to info (at) qmax.org with the subject "I want to be your own business" with your question and if you are kind enough to enclose a handful of dollars we will be happy to answer them, thank you.